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Dayton Public Radio Interview, 2006, Part 1

Dayton Public Radio Interview, 2006, Part 2

Selections from
"A Day
with the Guitar Man"

Here are two tracks from Jim's second CD for kids.
It was awarded the
Spring 2003 Silver Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation.and introduces listeners to several fretted instruments, including the ukulele, the balalaika and the charango.
The Guitar Man Song
Wakin' Up

Selections from
"The Guitar Man"

This is Jim's original CD for children - mixing entertainment with education, it introduces several guitars, the lute, the banjo and the quarter-sized guitar, and the accompanying booklet contains whimsical drawings of each guitar which are anatomically correct in every way (except for the hands, feet and faces!). Be careful - your kids will want to listen to this one over and over again!
My Dog Doesn't Do Any Tricks
Introduction and Oh Susannah



Selections from
"The Spice of Life"

These are two tracks from 16 very diverse tracks which include music from folk, classical and jazz styles orchestrated for everything from solo guitar to ensembles including
oboe, flute, viola and recorder.
Greensleeves and Variations
British Isle Medley

Selections from
"Moscow Nights"

Oboist Mark Twehues and Jim McCutcheon teamed up for several years and produced this recording of classical Russian and eastern European music with the help of Crosscurrents International Institute. They toured Russia  in 1998, performing in a variety of venues including concert halls, music schools, a
library, museums and even an army base!
Sabre Dance from 'Gayane'

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Jim's CD-cassette release "The Guitar Man" is designed for kids age 3-10 and mixes education with entertainment as Jim plays and teaches about many different members of the guitar family, including the classical guitar, the steel-string guitar, the 12-string guitar, the lute, the banjo, the mandolin and the electric guitar. 

In April, 2002, Jim released a sequel to "The Guitar Man" titled "A Day with the Guitar Man" featuring many of the instruments from the first recording, but with the addition of three more fretted instruments from around the world, the balalaika, the ukulele and the charango.