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Jim McCutcheon,  concert guitar (and more...)

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Jim performs throughout the midwest for school assemblies, community concert
programs and also does residencies with a variety of music that appeals to people of all ages. He has been an Ohio Arts Council Fee Support Artist for several years, and often combines residency programs with arts series concerts so that community members of
all ages can take full advantage of his wide-ranging skills.

"His standards for his own music are exacting - expect wonderful things."
                                        - DAYTON DAILY NEWS


The Guitar Man at Overfield Early Childhood Center
A yearly week-long visit to Troy, Ohio 
Photo Bill Garlow/Dayton Daily News

Jim at Incarnation School
leading a workshop with a 5th grade guitar class.

Jim's first CD for kids introducing lots of guitars!  Call (937) 435-2900

Caricatures by Jason Hay (, one of many such drawings included with each 'Guitar Man" CD. 

2003 Parent's Choice Silver Award!!!

Call (937) 435-2900


I just wanted to write to thank you again for the wonderful day. The kids responded so well to your calm approach and your fantastic music.  This will be a day they talk about for weeks (and maybe even years) to come.  I am sure the kids will be asking for your CDs to be played when they come back to school on Monday!

I am enjoying your CD right now and it is beautiful.  God really blessed you with a special talent. Thanks again for everything,   Polly Pohlable, Shelby Hills (Elementary) School

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For southwestern Ohio concerts, phone (937) 287-7755,
or email Jim at

Outside that area, please call the
G.G. Greg Agency at (216) 692-1193
or email

Jim's CDs are available at McCutcheon Music, (937) 435-2900

Thanks, Jim for fitting us into his schedule and getting down deep with all of us, especially the young people. They were right to request him. You were a resounding success. Thank you so much for your participation.
           Carolyn M. Ummel
Evaluations for "Dreams, Hopes and Fears of Our Lives" 
           (high school workshops) - October, 2001

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