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Jim at a recent concert at the
Dayton Art Institute

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Preschool teacher workshop,
October, 2011

The Guitar Man for Kids
Guitar Man Does Ukuleles

"Thank you so much for visiting Kilgour School! You did an amazing job of creating two totally unique programs for both our primary and intermediate students, actively engaging each group fantastically! You had our entire faculty on their feet doing the hula, which is a testament to what a gifted entertainer you are. Weeks later, I still have teachers asking me to pass along how wonderful your show was. We hope to have you back again soon.   Dena Hipskind (2010)

Thank you so much for a wonderful school tour! As you can see, you were a big hit! - The Kids love your shows and have fun learning about music!
Gerri Torres, Artsbridge (OH - WVa) 2011/2013

  The Guitar Man Does Science   

School assemblies & workshops

"Ohio-based children's artist and multiple guitar master Jim McCutcheon serves as an irresistible ambassador for the instrument, celebrating its varied styles and forms-acoustic and electric guitar, the ukulele, South America's charango, the balalaika-in his own and others' playful and soulful songs… Throughout McCutcheon's lively, assured vocals and conversational comments reach out with expressive warmth, humor and ease of delivery, making him sound as if he's a very talented friend who's come over for a visit-with his entire 'guitar zoo.' "     
      Lynne Heffley ©2003 Parents' Choice

"Our campers had a were great with the kids. We are looking forward to having you again..."
          Allyson DeShurko, C-WT Park District (2009)

"The staff continues to comment on how wonderful you are to adapt to individual needs and to allow the students to experience the instruments first hand."
            Kelly Dearing, Simon Kenton School (2010)

" shared your love of music in a way that was so appropriate and fitting for our students (K-1) at PVS."
             Emily Sprague, Centerville music teacher (2013)
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Measuring Up   and Reunion

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